On a daily basis, the marketing and communication industry is seeing the migration of dollars once being spent on traditional forms of media now going to the Internet. Virtually every type of communication now has a counterpart in cyberspace.

With this transition happening at a rapid pace, our clients have turned to us to create rich media content and provide thought leadership on web strategy, development and design.

Web Site & Mobile Web Site Development & Design

We engineer usable and effective web sites and mobile sites that are fast, interactive and great looking. We support every site with search engine optimization, social media marketing and usability analysis to help your company grow. If you wish, our website design projects can include a content management system to allow you to easily update your own website. You can be confident that whatever your project demands, our web design team can deliver robust, pixel perfect designs on time and on budget.

Webcast Solutions

Research shows that people retain 70% of what they view on video, compared to 20% of what they read and 30% of what they hear. Itʼs easy to understand why video is such a powerful ally to deliver relevant content. Today consumers are seeking to be engaged with valuable content and to make buying decisions from what they learn.

Imagine the value of being able to track viewer interest, gather leads generated from user defined experiences and create viral activity. If thatʼs not intriguing enough, ask us how we can shorten the buying cycle for your products and services.

Webcasts are a great tool for reaching a wider audience with your message. Whether the presentation is a one-time event or an archived resource, viewers will tune in to receive your valuable information. The beauty is that while your audience may number in the hundreds to thousands, youʼll have spent about an hour to provide hundreds to thousands
of one-on-one presentations.

We can provide your company with the creation of rich media content and the webcast programming service. To learn more about how you can benefit from webcasts, please direct your inquiry to John Evans, our VP of Business Development.

Streaming Video

One of the most powerful things about streaming media today is that it works. It doesnʼt require downloading media to a computer and thereʼs no need for the latest versions of player software to deliver high quality content, because the stream itself provides the player along with the content.

Streaming allows you to place your content anywhere on the web including other web sites, related industry forums or newsletters. Thereʼs no need to redesign your website to clear space for a media player. Simply indicate where you want the media to play and it’s done.

Want to know how streaming media can generate meaningful sales leads and shorten product or service buying cycles? How about providing viewers an opportunity to spread your message virally or to contact your sales team with a question? Need to collect back-end data on view times and permission model contact interests?

As Certified Partners of Accela Communications – Accelacast platform, weʼre able to provide our clients the highest quality streaming media experience in the market today. This assures that your company image and brand are supported with an image quality more consistent with a television broadcast.